Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great Horned Owl

Early this year I was extremely fortunate to stumble on a nesting pair of great horned owl, for about 4 month I followed them from tiny chick to fledging time. Everyday was spetacular day, never knew what to expect. There is More video in my website to watch. Enjoy:-)


KB said...

That is amazing footage. I'll have to go back through your posts to see them growing up to this point. Wow.

Isn't amazing what you find when you wander in the woods? I found an occupied bear den once while wandering lost and put a trail cam outside of it. I still count that as my most fun trail cam experience.

Denis said...

Thanks KB for the comment; you are my first person to comment on my new blog. I'm pretty new at it but thought that is a great vehicle to show my photography, if you go to my website you can see more of the great horned owl. Thanks for looking